Fátima, the ultimate mystery

  • Year: 2017
  • Duration: 01h 19m
  • Documentary
  • +7
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Has Fatima marked the history of the world? Strange coincidences seem to suggest that the mysterious apparitions of Fatima have influenced the course of the history of the last 100 years ... What did Fatima have to do with the communist Revolution and the two world wars? Why was not John Paul II killed? Why did not a new nuclear war happen? Has Fatima any connection with the downfall of communism and of the Berlin Wall? And with Islam? This documentary film, made on the occasion of the centenial of the Fatima apparitions, interweaves in a new way a fiction story, with recreations of the apparitions and a documentary, combining historical archive images with interventions of international experts...

Critical comment

It stands out for its evangelizing content based on historical facts, and demonstrating with data the work of the Holy Virgin.


Director: Andrés Garrigó | Guión: Andrés Garrigó, Josemaría Muñoz y Pedro Delgado | Reparto: Eva Higueras, Fran Calvo, Cristina González del Valle, Alex Larumbe, Carlos Cañas y Enric Chenoll. Premios de la película: • Festival Internacional de



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